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Apr 20 - May 20

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Taurus Forecast for 2024: Work & Business

While the year begins with your two professional houses empty, there is reason for confidence on both the job and career fronts, with the promise of major new beginnings. There has been no planetary activity on the job front since Venus left in December but held back by a retrograde phase this was late in the year and she had returned after Mars had made his first visit in two years and the Sun and Mercury had moved through. Planetary activity on the job front may have run its course, but there will be plenty of momentum and everything needed to keep things on track until the next round of planetary activity in your work sector begins in August. It is on the career front and when it comes to your overall path forward that things are about to change in a major way.

There has been no planetary activity in your career sector since Pluto left in June 2023, less than three months after the planet of change and revolution returned for the first time in our lifetime. This was a chance to dip your toe in the water and get a feel for Pluto's influence, for when he settles in for good, which he will by the end of this year, he will be here until 2044. Starting the year with no planetary activity in either of your two professional houses is a chance to cement where things stand on the job front and prepare for the massive wave approaching on the career front. It begins with a bang on 21st January, when within the space of just a few hours the Sun and Pluto will both return. The Sun is only here for a month, but apart from leaving for 11 weeks from 2nd September to 20th November, Pluto is here for the next two decades and as the planet of change and revolution, he brings with him the promise of major change.

However, while Pluto is playing a long game the rest of the planets returning over the following weeks will be on a mission to get this professional year up to speed. This includes the Sun, who is here until 19th February Mercury, who will return from 5th February to 23rd February, Mars from 13th February to 23rd March and Venus from 17th February to 12th March. This is their first encounter with Pluto here in our lifetime, but with support in his first two months to get things off to an empowered start. Meanwhile, while Mars won't return to your work sector this year the Sun, Mercury and Venus will work as a team to make the period from 10th August to 3rd November the most important of the year on the job front and when there is likely to be the most action.

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View the Taurus Forecast for 2024: Work & Business
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