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Nov 22 - Dec 21

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Sagittarius Weekly horoscope for Jan 23 to Jan 29, 2023

While this is the week where there is a lot of forward movement and momentum, the Moon is helping you to keep track of this while making sure that you are emotionally and intuitively engaged in the process. The Moon not only begins the week in your communication sector but as the first New Moon of 2023, this is giving the communication lines a boost. This comes three days after Mercury, the planet of communication turned direct, 10 days after Mars turned direct in your relationship sector and as an alignment between Venus and Saturn here peaks. This is giving the final days of Venus' mission to give your heart and your relationships a voice a serious boost. In the meantime, the Moon's transit through your home and family sector from Tuesday to Thursday is preparation for Venus' return on Friday, with home where your heart is by the weekend. By the end of the week the Moon will have done the same on the playful and creative and also on the job front, where things are also starting to move.

Love & Romance

Starting the week with the Moon in your communication sector is always an advantage and especially as this is not just the Moon's first visit for the year but the last before Venus, the planet of love leaves and the first since Mars' direct turn in your relationship sector 10 days earlier. However, the advantage goes beyond that, with the week starting with the Moon just separating from an alignment with the Sun that created the first New Moon of 2023. With the Moon having already formed a friendly aspect to Mars in your relationship sector and the Sun set to do the same this coming weekend, it is your relationships that are benefiting from this. With Venus leaving your communication sector on Friday, the final days of her mission to give your heart and your relationships a voice are destined to be some of the best. By the time Venus leaves the Moon will be in your romantic sector, with its visit from Thursday to Saturday taking advantage of a chance to give your heart a voice.

Business & Career

Of the four planets that began the year in retrograde motion, the only one yet to turn direct is Uranus, or at least that is the case until he turns direct in your work sector on Monday. It was just four days earlier that Mercury turned direct in your income sector, something that by the end of the week will not only see them move into a friendly aspect for the third time in six weeks but with perfect timing. Even though Uranus turns direct on Monday and this will not only give work and job matters the green light but the year itself, he will be stationary for some time. This gives you a chance to pause and take in your first real view of the road ahead in five months and with Jupiter less than four months away from beginning your biggest year for job growth and expansion in over a decade, that is some view. It is just as Mercury and Uranus come together over the weekend that the Moon will return to your work sector, bringing a valuable chance to regroup.


While the Moon has just left your income sector as you move into the new working week, the full impact from this is just now being felt. It was last Thursday that the Moon not only returned for its first visit to your income sector for the year but during the Sun's last full day and Mercury's first in direct motion here. This allowed the Moon to not only sharpen your nose for money but ensure you were emotionally and intuitively engaged while the solar spotlight was still on your income situation, matters and options and just as Mercury's direct turn had given income potential the green light. This allows you to begin the week ready for a fresh start, but it is Uranus' direct turn in your work sector on Monday that will remove the last barrier. With Pluto, the planet of change and revolution moving into his final two months in your income sector on Tuesday and Mercury here for another three weeks, on both the income and job fronts it is time to move forward with confidence and in lockstep.


A combination of the first New Moon of 2023 and Uranus, the last of the four planets that began the year in retrograde motion turning direct on Monday, will see the pace of the year itself pick up. Uranus has been in retrograde motion in your health sector for five months, something that may have left you feeling lethargic and unable to commit to any healthy resolutions you may have made moving into the New Year. It was simply a case that the timing wasn't right and even now, while there is a chance to look to the future and the Moon will return over the weekend with a chance to check in, this is something that can't be rushed.

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