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Feb 19 - Mar 20

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Pisces Weekly horoscope for May 13 to May 19, 2024

With the Sun, Venus and Jupiter all leaving your communication sector by the end of next and as they are becoming closer by the days, this is a week that will favour all aspects of communication. Your communication sector is like a Swizz army knife, with a tool for every occasion. This can make you mentally sharper and especially when Mercury, the planet of communication and smart thinking joins them on Thursday. This can also ensure you are mentally engaged professionally, better able to think on your feet, able to think outside the square and master all aspects of communication while at the same time, finding it easier to give your heart and your relationships a voice. This is also a good week for all aspects of personal and professional networking, friendship and relationship building. At the same time, the Moon's return to your work sector on Monday will get the new working week off to a good start on the income and job fronts, just as Mars is ready to take gloves when it comes to fighting for what you deserve.

Love & Romance

While the Moon will leave your romantic sector on Monday, by the time you move into the new working week these romantically charged lunar vibes have had the weekend to make an impression. While there has been no planetary activity on the romantic front since the middle of last year with the Sun, Venus and Mercury all returning next month, the most romantically charged months of 2024 are just around the corner. While an ordinary monthly visit, this time the Moon might leave you wanting more, with your heart sensing what lies ahead. Meanwhile, while the Moon won't return to your relationship sector until Thursday, the timing couldn't be better. Returning just a few hours after Mercury, the planet of communication returns to your communication sector, there will be a chance from the start to ensure the communication lines are open. While this will see the Moon clash with both planets in Pisces as it moves through, it will have the support of a dream team of planets in your communication sector to give anything this might flush out a voice.

Business & Career

With no planetary activity in your work sector, the Moon's return every four weeks is always a valuable chance to check in while as it moves through, this can give you an intuitive read on work and job matters and act as a trigger. To have the Moon return on Monday and just as you are moving into the new working week will always be an advantage and especially as this comes during some pivotal days on the income front. From the start, this will put the Moon in harmony with all four planets in your income sector, getting the new week off to a good start on the income and job fronts. This is the Moon's only visit while Mars is in your income sector and with Mercury leaving just before it is due to leave on Thursday, this will ensure you are emotionally and intuitively engaged as the dynamics on the income front shift. While Mercury will leave you with a smart head for money, as Mars takes the reins the gloves will come off as the real fight for what you deserve begins.


While the Moon's return to your work sector on Monday is good news professionally, with a chance to get the new working week off to a good start, this is also good news financially. The Moon will be gone by Thursday, but as it moves through it will form a friendly aspect to all four planets in your income sector, at what is a pivotal week on the income front and just as there is about to be a changing of the guard. It is just before the Moon leaves your work sector that over two months after returning for what is normally a 14 to 15 day visit to your income sector, that Mercury will finally leave. This has given you time to work with his smart head for money in order to keep your head in the game and your feet on the ground, but his departure leads the war for Mars to take the lead and this is when the gloves will come off. It is once Mercury leaves that things will become a lot more fired up on both sides of the financial fence.


With no planetary activity in your health sector, the Moon's monthly visits are not only an important chance to check in, but they are essential and especially when it comes to paying attention. The Moon will move through your health sector from Monday to Wednesday, just as the new working week is getting underway and at what can be the point in any week when your physical resources are being put to the test. This makes this the perfect chance to simply observe, without judgement and without overthinking things. The Moon can evoke some strong emotional responses, which is why it is important to simply pay attention without over reacting. It is all about being aware.

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