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Sept 23 - Oct 22

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Libra Forecast for 2021: Work & Business

This is a year that will start out looking and feeling like what you would expect and where it will be business as usual for several months. For you, business as usual means Neptune keeping the wheels turning behind the scenes on the job front all year, a surge in planetary activity here in February and March and then another surge of planetary activity on the career front midyear. This is exactly what you will find as you move into 2021, with Neptune back in direct motion after his annual retrograde phase from June to November each year and slowly building up speed and momentum ahead of the Sun's return on 19th February. The one difference is that you begin the year with the dwarf planet Ceres in your work sector as well, who until leaving on 21st February is working with Neptune to update your needs and priorities on the job front.

That Ceres leaves two days after the Sun's return is a case of now that her job is done it is time to turn her needs and priorities and Neptune's dreams into reality. What follows is a short period of planetary activity on the job front as the Sun, Mercury and Venus make their annual visit to your work sector. This will begin with the Sun's return on 19th February and end with Mercury's departure on 4th April and is the busy phase as far as work and job matters are concerned and the point when a lot of momentum for the rest of the year can be gained. With Mars returning to your career sector on 24th April to begin this year's planetary activity on the career front, something that normally begins with the Sun's return in June, this is when things start to veer from the familiar pattern.

This is Mars' first visit to your career sector since 2019 and he returns to fire up your professional passions, fighting and competitive spirit, as well as creating some real momentum on the job front. Mars won't leave until 12th June and with Mercury not only returning on 4th May but staying through to 12th July, once things start to move on 24th April they will continue to evolve until the Sun leaves on 22nd July. This in itself is an exciting development and an additional push that career matters don't usually get but is not the biggest development. That comes a few weeks after Mars' return to your career sector when Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion returns to your work sector on 14th May. Here from 14th May to 29th July, leaving but then returning on 29th December only to leave and return again in 2022, this is the first time that Jupiter and Neptune, the planets of luck and dreams have met up on the job front in our lifetime.

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View the Libra Forecast for 2021: Work & Business
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