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Jul 23 - Aug 22

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Leo Weekly horoscope for May 13 to May 19, 2024

In what is a big week on a number of fronts and especially professionally with the Sun, Jupiter and Venus all gone from your career sector by the end of next week, the Moon's return to Leo on Monday will be a chance to get your personal bearings. This is the chance that you get every four weeks to become more emotionally and intuitively engaged and aware, as well as a chance to check in, both with your inner voice and the ever changing cosmic conditions. With the biggest cosmic event of the year just days away, the timing couldn't be better and especially with everything getting into position to support that shift. While Jupiter won't leave your career sector until later next week, as your biggest year for professional growth and expansion in over a decade draws to an end the stars are starting to align to bring things home. The Sun will start and Venus will end the weeks aligned with Uranus here while the Sun will end the week aligned with Jupiter, bringing the elements of luck and the laws of attraction and synchronicity together.

Love & Romance

The Moon's return to Leo on Monday brings you to what is an important point in any month, both when it comes to a chance to check in and get your personal bearings and to become more emotionally and intuitively engaged. However, this has also become important for your relationships and especially when it comes to ensuring you have the right balance between your personal and relationship needs. There has been no planetary activity in Leo since Venus' epic four month visit ended last October and there will be none until the Sun returns to begin your birthday month and new solar year in July. At the same time, with Pluto in the early months of a 20 year visit to your relationship sector, their focus is always on your relationships. The Moon's return to Leo each month might see it clash with Pluto, but this is key to maintaining the right balance. The Moon's return to your communication sector over the weekend will be a chance to give anything flushed out earlier in the week a voice.

Business & Career

The Sun's last full week in your career sector could be one of the most pivotal of this professional year, as he finally catches up with the planets that have been influencing things for the last 12 months and will set the scene for months to come. It is on Monday, just as you move into the new working week and as the Sun is separating from a friendly aspect to the dwarf planet Ceres in your work sector, that the Sun catches up and aligns with Uranus, the planet of surprise, synchronicity and the unexpected. Uranus is here from 2019 to 2026 and this is an annual event, but his recent alignment with Jupiter adds to the potential for unexpected, serendipitous or eureka moments. By the end of the week the Sun will be aligned with Jupiter and Venus with Uranus, just as you move into the final seven days of a 12 month quest for professional growth and expansion. In between things will continue to evolve across the income, work and career fronts, with a window into planets on all three fronts that will keep the momentum going.


This is not only a pivotal week on both sides of the financial fence, but with the Moon helping to highlight the contrast between the two. The week begins with the Moon spending its final hours in an intuitive and imaginative part of your chart at a friendly aspect to dreamy Neptune in your financial sector. On the heels of a friendly aspect to Saturn over the weekend, this first visit since Mars left your financial sector is a chance to connect with the planets that will take it from here. With Mars' fight to take your financial power back over and with it the urgency, when it comes to money matters things are settling back to a slow and steady approach. On the other side of the financial fence, the Moon's return to your income sector midweek will not only reveal that things are picking up, but income potential and in particular a sense of resolve, is piggybacking off the growing professional momentum. Between Thursday and Saturday, as well as sharpening your nose for money and acting as a trigger, the Moon will connect with planets across the job and career fronts.


When the dwarf planet Ceres, the queen of nurturing returned to your health sector in February, it was to begin her first deep dive into your health needs and priorities in four years. Normally here for three months, Ceres should be getting ready to leave but instead, a retrograde turn on Wednesday is going to keep her here until December. With Ceres spending the majority of 2024 in your health sector, this is a chance to a much deeper dive and understanding of your health needs and priorities while offering a chance for a review. It was over the weekend that the Sun's friendly aspect to Ceres put more light on this while a friendly aspect to Venus, the planet of beauty this week can fuel your confidence and motivation.

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