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Jul 23 - Aug 22

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Leo Weekly horoscope for Jan 23 to Jan 29, 2023

While the first New Moon of 2023, which is still playing out as you move into the new week is in your relationship sector, this is just part of what is a week full of potential for new beginnings and to move things forward across almost every aspect of your life. Your relationships are just one of them, with the Moon not only still in your relationship sector on Monday but just as an alignment between Venus and Saturn is already making this a time for major new beginnings. This comes on the heels of an alignment between Jupiter and Juno that is just starting to separate but is already creating the resolve to start ticking things off your bucket list. At the same time Uranus' direct turn in your career sector on Monday, on the heels of Mercury's direct turn in your work sector four days earlier is also giving this new professional year the green light. By Friday, Venus' return to your financial sector will be doing the same for this new financial year.

Love & Romance

Starting the week with the Moon in your relationship sector was always going to put the focus on your relationships from the start, but this time this gets the week off to a spectacular start. The Moon only returned to your relationship sector over the weekend but just two days after the Sun's return, their alignment has already created the first New Moon of 2023. The Moon is not only still here on Monday but is just separating from its alignment with the Sun when it not only aligns with both Venus and Saturn on Monday but just as their alignment here peaks. With Venus leaving your relationship sector on Friday and Saturn moving into the final six weeks of a nearly three year visit on Thursday, they have come together with the will and the means to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes. It is a friendly aspect between the Sun and the dwarf planet Ceres in your communication sector on Thursday and Friday that will provide some well timed communication support.

Business & Career

Monday is always an opportunity for a fresh start and new beginnings but even more so this time. As you move into the new week it has only been three days since the Sun left your work sector, four days since Mercury turned direct here and the Moon has only just wrapped up its first visit for the year over the weekend. As you move into the new working week work and job matters have been given the green light, your instincts are sharp, you have your eyes open and your head out of the sand. In other words, you have everything needed to hit the ground running or you will be once Uranus turns direct in your career sector on Monday. Uranus is the last of the four planets that began the year in retrograde motion to turn direct and with the brakes released, it is time to get this new professional year moving. You will have a better read on this over the weekend when the Moon not only returns to your work sector but just as Mercury and Uranus will move into a friendly aspect for the third time in just six weeks.


It is business as usual on the financial front this week, or at least that is the case to start with. It will be a different story by the end of the week, though with a journey to go through first. That journey begins when the Moon returns for its first visit to your financial sector for the year from Tuesday to Wednesday. While this is an ordinary monthly visit and the second since Jupiter left, it is the first since the asteroid Juno, the queen of commitment left earlier in the month. When the Moon returns every four weeks this will fuel your financial instincts and imagination and bring a chance to become more emotionally and intuitively engaged and aware. However, with Jupiter and Juno gone this is the Moon's first visit while dreamy Neptune is on his own here in over a year and the last for another three years. This is a chance to fire up your imagination ahead of Venus' return on Friday, with the planets of money and dreams together by the end of the week.


While the Sun left your health sector on Friday, not only was the Moon here at the time but Mercury had just turned direct the day before. This was a chance to get an intuitive read on what your body was telling you while the solar spotlight was still on your health needs, situation and matters and while the Moon left over the weekend, this allows you to move into the new week aware and informed. With Mercury in his first full week in direct motion here the focus has shifted to becoming more informed and taking the practical next steps.

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