Daily Horoscope: Chinese Astrology: Tiger - Sunday, May 19, 2024


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Sunday, May 19, 2024

You may have to suffer a little to stand up for an ideal or cause.For the time being your progress in some matter relating to a principle could be blocked or someone could be challenging you for the sake of proving themselves.Don't let this spiral out of control into an ego clash.Withdraw for the time being and then come back with full force when you are on firmer ground.

Tiger Weekly Horoscope: May 13 to May 19, 2024

As you move into the first full week of the month of the Snake, you will be starting to get a feel for its influence and especially if you had a chance to more fully embrace this over the weekend. For the Tiger, this puts the focus on home, family, property or just those rituals and routines that mostly happen on autopilot and we don't fully appreciate until something goes wrong. We are creatures of habit and that includes the independent Tiger, who doesn't want to be tied down. The Snake brings a chance to appreciate and even celebrate the undervalued aspects of your life. Meanwhile, a Rooster Moon from Thursday to Saturday could make these a positive few days for financial matters on the home front.

Tiger Monthly Horoscope: May 2024

While it is important to get the most out of any lunar month, for the Tiger the month of the Dragon is a month where you will want to savour every last moment. For the Tiger, the Dragon is the Swizz army knife of any lunar cycle, with a tool for every occasion and especially when it comes to mental focus, the ability to think on your feet, with your mind sharp and communication in all its forms flowing more easily. There isn't an aspect of your life that doesn't benefit from the Dragon's influence and especially as this is mentally stimulating. Yet while the month of the Dragon will end on 8th May, as this is the Year of the Dragon this is something you don't have to say goodbye to. This will continue to be an asset as you move into the month of the Snake and its focus on things close to home.

  • 39
  • 43
  • 35
  • 8
  • 89
  • 72
  • 85
  • 3
  • 51

Power Numbers: 3, 19, 23, 48, 52, 69

Friendly Signs: Horse & Dog

Beware of: Monkey

Colour of the day: Medium Spring Green

Born Today: Ho Chi Minh, Malcolm X, Lorraine Hansberry, Jim Lehrer, Nora Ephron, Pete Townshend

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