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Apr 20 - May 20

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Taurus Forecast for 2022: Money

With the lunar nodes leaving your two money houses on 19th January this will have a significant impact on both sides of the financial fence. Since May 2020 the lunar nodes have been policing a balance between money coming in and money going out and their departure will ease that pressure. It also means that there will be no more eclipses, with the total solar eclipse in your financial sector in December the last. This will create a lot less intensity and it also means that periods of planetary activity on the income and financial fronts will be separate from each other. For the first time since 2019 the flow of each financial year will be back to a more normal pattern, with the middle months of each year the most potentially lucrative and the final months more about money matters.

While the Sun left your financial sector just before Christmas, the year begins with Mars still here and until leaving on 25th January, he will be working to get the year off to an impassioned start, especially when it comes to the fight to take your financial power back. Because Mars and the lunar nodes will leave within days of each other, all of a sudden there will be no activity on either side of the financial fence, for the first time since April 2020. After Mars leaves your financial sector on 25th January, apart from the Moon's monthly visits and a Full Moon on 14th June there will be no cosmic focus on money matters until Venus returns on 16th November, followed by the Sun on 22nd November and Mercury on 7th December.

This is the start of a very ordinary annual update and review of money matters that will end with the Sun's departure on 22nd December. It is a different story on the other side of the financial fence and not just because things kick off much earlier. It begins with the dwarf planet Ceres' return to your income sector from 9th February to 15th May. Ceres had been here for months before retrograding back out at the end of last year but returns to resume her mission to update your income needs and priorities. Ceres will be here when Mercury returns on 30th April, giving what are traditionally the most lucrative months of any year a head start. This will run through to Venus' departure on 18th July. However, it is just a month later that things will take an exciting turn, with Mars returning to your income sector on 20th August but not leaving until March 2023. This will be an eight month war on glass ceilings.

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View the Taurus Forecast for 2022: Money
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