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Nov 22 - Dec 21

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Sagittarius Forecast for 2023: Work & Business

In your two professional houses it is business as usual as you move into the new professional year and it won't only remain that way for some time but things may get off to a slow start. For you, business as usual means no planetary activity in your career sector, which there rarely is at this time of year and Uranus not only keeping the wheels quietly turning on the job front but in retrograde motion until 23rd January. In order to turn direct Uranus has to come to a standstill, so don't be surprised if things not only get off to a slow start on the job front but appear stuck or stalled, trusting that this is one year when you can't judge a book by its cover. The one advantage that you do have is that you also begin the year with the North Node still in your work sector, something that will ensure that you still have a sense of direction.

While Uranus' direct turn on 23rd January will give work and job matters the green light, it is not until Venus returns on 17th March that the pace will start to pick up, which is not only the norm but earlier than expected, with the Sun not returning until 20th April. Venus is only here until 11th April, but she can not only give you a better sense of what you want on the job front but attract opportunities before things normally kick off. A retrograde turn will keep Mercury here from 4th April to 12th June, but it is while he and the Sun, who won't leave until 21st May are still here that everything will change. It is while the solar spotlight is on your work situation, job matters and options that Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion will return on 17th May to begin your biggest year for job growth and expansion in over a decade.

This is also the first time in our lifetime that Jupiter will meet up with Uranus, the planet of surprise, synchronicity and the unexpected here in our lifetime, creating the potential for not only job growth and expansion but some unexpected developments until he leaves in May 2024. Jupiter will still be settling in when the first planetary activity on the career front for the year will begin with Mars' return to your career sector on 11th July. This will be Mars' first visit in two years and as he is here until 28th August, he will still be firing up your professional passions, fighting and competitive spirit when the Sun returns on 23rd August. By the time the solar spotlight shifts onto your career and professional situation, matters and options you will already have a head start. The Sun is here until 23rd September and Mercury from 29th July to 5th October, something that will end all planetary activity on the career front but only for a few days, with Venus returning from 9th October to 8th November to bring things home.

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View the Sagittarius Forecast for 2023: Work & Business
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