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Jul 23 - Aug 22

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Leo Forecast for 2024: Money

For the last two decades, while planets have come and gone from your income sector, there has been continuous planetary activity on the other side of the financial fence in your financial sector, the side where it is more about what you do with and how you manage the money you have. Different planets have come and gone in that time, but you have had Neptune, the planet of dreams here since 2012 and Saturn, the hard taskmaster of the cosmos since March 2023. Both will leave in early 2026, bringing you to the final year of a journey that began with Uranus' return back in 2023. This makes 2024 and 2025 culmination years and especially with both Saturn and Neptune leaving for a few months next year then coming back to finish things up.

What you have now is Saturn and Neptune, two very different planets working together to give you the resolve and determination to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes in order to turn financial dreams into reality. These are planets that are focused on the big picture, but you will have a chance to get down to basics and really get a hold on money matters when the faster planets move through. It is when the Sun moves through from 19th February to 20th March that this will put the solar spotlight on your financial situation and money matters, with Mercury returning with the smart head for money needed to get your head in the game and to think on your feet from 23rd February to 10th March.

It is when Venus moves through your financial sector from 12th March to 5th April and Mars from 23rd March to 1st May that the planets of money and war will fight to make things happen. Things will settle back after that and with Saturn and Neptune spending the second half of the year in retrograde motion, this will finally give the income side of the financial fence a chance to have its turn. The most lucrative months of 2024 will run from Mercury's return to your income sector on 26th July to his eventual departure on 26th September. Normally only here for 14 to 15 days, Mercury will leave on 15th August but will return for a second visit from 9th September to 26th September. The most lucrative weeks of this period will be when Venus, the planet of money moves through from 5th August to 30th August.

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View the Leo Forecast for 2024: Money
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